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Author Topic: My Gaming  (Read 3358 times)

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« on: March 24, 2007, 04:10:54 AM »

So I thought I'd post this since I've got e-mails and PM's a lot since I started the station.

I started out playing games online about 15 years ago in something called The Sierra Network or TSN.  My game of choice was Red Barron (WWI flight sim) and loved it.  I was in a few squads (as they are in the Sim world), starting with the JG and then moving on to the WW (WingWalkers) where i met someone named Fokker.  We formed the  Flying Tigers (yeah it was WWII but still a good name) that still exists on some flight sim arenas. At that time I was HatchetFT.

I moved to AOL and ran a small squad in AirWarrior.  I finally moved to Warbirds with Fokker for a short-time.  About 10 years ago something called Flying Circus (from SimGuild) came along and Mobius and I started the Flying Tigers in this WWI flight Sim.  We had great guys like ArchAngel (who has been here) and Alaskan.  The sim lived a short life.

I joined an UnrealTournament clan called XtremeCarnage as |XC|Wanderlust and ran the website and was a captain for a year or two and then we disbanded.  In the midst of this CowboyDan and I started Flying Tigers Airborne (FTA) in Return to Castle Wolfenstein (which was short lived).

I played both BF1942 and BFV without a clan, mostly as =[Nix]= where the station name came along... and from Band of Brothers!  I love Ron Livingston!! Smiley  His character was great and small enough that I adopted Nix.  Minor character and liked the alcohol. LOL

After that I roamed the world until this past year when I met back up with CowboyDan again (from XC and FTA) and joined True Soldiers for BF2 as =[FrantiX]=. Smiley

Now I'm playing BF2142 with some friends I use to work with called BOB (as WanderlustX2) and still playing with TS in BF2 (as =[FrantiX]=). Smiley

That's my short and verrrrrrrrrrrrrry looooooooooong life online gaming.  Surprise
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