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1  General Discussions / General Discussion / Re: Updates [2014] on: August 10, 2014, 04:49:27 AM
I'll Drink To That! WELL DONE MATE, and to the other half Smiley

As you can see it's been a LONG time since I've been around other than to update the front page with the new tracks. Updates are coming at some point.  I've just been busy with the house, kids, dogs and life.  I lived many years for my self and now it's just overwhelming to live for so many others. Smiley  I'm making headway at home so at some point I'll do something here. Baby is amazing. Grin

2  General Discussions / General Discussion / Re: Radio Vietnam on: August 10, 2014, 04:45:28 AM
Hi Guys,....... you know who you are by now Smiley
its been a few years since I came across Nix’s station and it has kept me buzzing ever since, through thick and thin….and it has amazed me that
over the years working in different offices with many generations that I can still put this station on and convert young and old to turn off the
normal FM radio trash that they have always listened to, and it’s a joy to watch them actually listening and commenting on the tracks , and some
of these are in their twenty’s, its just so great to bring these tracks back to another generation, as always nice one Nix’s and long live RV  Cheers!

Dill The Dog

Thanks Dill!!  I really appreciate that and I'm in awe that it's still going after 10 years (this past July). Smiley  Happy Birthday to Radio Vietnam. Wink  Maybe I'll get some time soon to do some updates to the site and get apparel up.  Life with a baby keeps one busy. haha
3  General Discussions / General Discussion / Updates [2014] on: May 18, 2014, 06:23:24 AM
Now that the forum is quiet... not my intention, I'm going to take things down for a week or 2 or 3 soon and update the entire site.  I haven't done a lot of code work for a while so I'm rusty but I've updated a few sites and created a few and have a little bit of a handle on doing this stuff again. lol  It's been very busy the past year, I bought a new house, got married and added a step-daughter and on April 4, 2014, I welcomed in Catelyn, my first child. Smiley  So it's been total chaos for me but things are settling down a little and I want a new presence. Smiley

4  Radio Vietnam / Radio Vietnam Feedback! / Re: Station Feedback on: February 05, 2014, 01:12:12 AM
FEEDBACK:  Still love your station!  Keeps me sane and mostly

Thanks pv2ic! Smiley  I'm trying to stay on top of things and hope to be regular again on the Facebook page as well.  This past year was a lot of changes... I got engaged, married, changed jobs, bought another house, took on an 8 year old and I have my own on the way in April so it's been maddening for me! lol

I'm glad people like you are still listening with my hiatus.  We're going into 10 years in July/August so I want to make sure it keeps going beyond that. Smiley
5  General Discussions / General Discussion / Re: This Upcoming Weekend on: February 02, 2014, 05:16:50 AM

this particular upcoming weekend is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!! 

Sorry...heh, heh, I am a big Seahawks fan, and can't wait to see how the number one offense does against the number one defense...whatever happens, it should be a good game, and I wish the best to all the players involved.  I would really like to see Percy Harvin show what he can do tho...

No matter my personal bias, I do wish that the game is as good as it should be.
Yes, but can the Seahawks claim to have their own AIRBORNE !!!

-- RR

Go Manning!  That's all I have to say... I'm a Steelers fan to my death but I think Peyton is the best quarterback of all time and I'll follow it up with Brett.  I wanted him to make it so bad with the Vikings but it didn't happen.  Both of them are so hardcore as "field generals" that I can't do anything but respect them... They drive, motivate and direct their teams like no other QB that I've ever seen... So with that said, Go Broncos! Wink  BTW, the field general is not to say they're greater than any military general but that they direct teams like well oiled machines as military generals have, most SB QBs aren't like that.

And I got the point on the post to my original message. lol  2014 is 10 years and I'll do it.
6  Radio Vietnam / Radio Vietnam Feedback! / Re: Bit of Jazz on: June 05, 2013, 04:35:48 AM
You did?  Well, good for Nix - I thought he only put up the vocal version.

-- RR

Oh ye of little faith.  Shocked  I have put up everything you have suggested, RR, whether you hear it or not. Smiley  You are one of my most respected people on this planet after all of our years on here. Smiley  You're just impatient! haha  We have a HUGE selection of music, it's not always easy to hit when one person is listening. Wink
7  Radio Vietnam / Radio Vietnam Feedback! / Re: Station Feedback on: May 25, 2013, 12:05:39 AM
Dill -- Even though we spend a lot of our time these days on the Facebook page, we do appreciate your steadfast loyalty and keeping the watch here on the website. 

I really never thought I'd hear that from RR! haha!  But it's so much easier to reach other people that we hadn't in the past.  The station is reaching up to 7k more hours per month since I started the FB page and ad campaigns, it started slow but with the addition of RR & AZ's posts it's really done very well and we're at almost 5,400 fans. Quite proud of that achievement!  Now to double it for our 10th anniversary next year! haha  The peak was about 30k hours per month but we've been more of a beacon for the provider in recent years as we have bounced back from the lower days of 17k/month and we're holding steady right now at #3 for Classic Rock and #119 overall.  Quite impressive since all the others around us in the category are professional stations (private and terrestrial stations) and we're still not, yet.

John / =[Nix]=
8  General Discussions / General Discussion / Re: Ray Manzarek on: May 23, 2013, 01:45:39 AM
Just posted a few minutes ago about how I found The Doors here on RV and 5 minutes later find out that Ray passed away yesterday.

RIP .....RAY

Another gone... We continue to remember our favorites...

9  Radio Vietnam / Radio Vietnam Feedback! / Re: Station Feedback on: May 23, 2013, 12:10:57 AM
Hi All, just like to say that several years ago I was put straight by RR on the playlist, and I think he was absolutely right, I was not there at the time and had my own views on what was being listed to, and how wrong I was, but it was RR that put me on the right path, and as i have also mentioned in the past , yes some more real time radio clips, they really do just add that little extra touch, but how it looks is a more individual taste, it just needs to reflect the time period, and that it was here that I finally grasped "The Doors" , and I am still here some 3 years on and still listen in nearly every day during the week, and for a few hours here and there over the weekend, most weekdays for the whole day straight, love the play list, but yes some more radio clips please Smiley 

Kind Regards to All " RR, NIX, HUYEN, AZ "

Dill The Dog

Thanks Dill!! Glad we have that kind of retention on our listeners!  I know the current list doesn't have the "extras" but they're coming, I've just had an incredibly busy week.  I'm working on selling my house and had ServPro (cleaning, patching, sealing my basement), painters, carpenters ripping out my back doors and reinstalling new ones and a landscaper... All but the landscaper hit 2 days at the same time. Was waiting for the guy from the makeover show to appear. haha  Still have the painting to do and I've been working some extremely busy nights this week while packing up my "geek" crap and books from my office in the mornings.  I hope to have some time next week in the evening to get the extras back with some new stuff.  I took tonight off from life and just screwing off. Smiley  What do you think of the new top header on the site? Smiley

Thanks again for being such a loyal fan of the community and station, Dill! Smiley

John / =[Nix]=
10  Radio Vietnam / Radio Vietnam Feedback! / Re: Station Feedback on: May 09, 2013, 02:04:57 AM
Hey Nix,

Since you messed with the graphics on the front page the Amazon search box no longer shows up on my screen.  You might want to fix that because you know I usually route my Amazon purchases through your web page so that you get your Vig.   Razz

Really??? What the hell... I checked on FireFox, IE and Chrome.  What browser & version are you using (Click Help, About).  Also... Drop me a PM if you have a gmail account so I can add you to the edit list on songs being uploaded.  I have 46 ready for upload (actually uploaded, I'm just reviewing them one by one to check them for issues right now).

I just did a search for Iron Man 2 on those 3 browsers or are you a Mac person? haha I need to install Safari too I guess but still can't replicate if it's a Mac (and works on Safari).

The odd thing is that my revenue from Amazon has been horrible, it's not ever great other when you do the big orders but it's been non-existent and I thought I had an issue with the code, b/c they changed it a while back & I lost 2 months without realizing it but I did searches and it showed up in my Amazon account.  Google is booming thankfully but if you're doing those old orders and I'm not getting them, that SUCKS... But I'm noticing barely anything lately...used to see the book and mp3 stream gave revenue but those are missing the past several months too.

As for the graphics, the headers an improvement in your opinion?

11  Radio Vietnam / Radio Vietnam Feedback! / Re: What's New, RV Crew .... on: April 16, 2013, 10:14:42 PM
I decided to give a hand and sent a post into social bookmarks. I hope the popularity will rise in.

What is that, CamKrist? Familiar with social sites and bookmarks but not combined! lol

Reddit is where I'd like to try to get things moving as well but as much as I'm into tech, I have little time to really figure it all out and how to promote things.  I believe I put something on Digg at one point long ago, when it was relevant.

12  Radio Vietnam / Radio Vietnam Feedback! / Re: What's New, RV Crew .... on: April 15, 2013, 02:46:22 AM
There will be a day that I can dedicate the time to update the main page.  Forums WILL NOT be changed other than the theme.  I suck!  Life is just too busy right now outside of doing the Facebook work.

13  General Discussions / General Discussion / Re: Radio Vietnam MVPs on: December 24, 2012, 03:42:31 AM
As I already commented in my other sticky post, AzPatriot has become our latest MVP for Radio Vietnam! Smiley  Thanks for your dedication and help with the station!
14  General Discussions / General Discussion / Radio Vietnam in 2012 and AzPatriot on: December 24, 2012, 03:40:49 AM
I've promoted AzPatriot on the forum to MVP from contributor.  Not a huge leap but his dedication to the site and additional help on the Facebook page has certainly given him the title that only him and Huyen hold (along with RadioResearcher as our resident Vet). Smiley  I did it a few days ago and made no announcement. Smiley

Thanks to all three of you for what you do.  I know that I've been a silent member of the crew on the forums while trying to build the Facebook audience that helps translate to here, and the station itself, with ad campaigns. Smiley  We're doing great with almost 25k listening hours per month from 18k about a year ago.  So I know we're reaching a bigger audience.  I have no doubt as we grow in social marketing, so will our audience.  With hopeful additions to the site and integration to Facebook, we'll do much more in 2013 to continue spreading The Vietnam War and Vietnam Veteran awareness through our music.

Thanks to everyone that's contributed to a great year!
15  General Discussions / General Discussion / This Upcoming Weekend on: November 07, 2012, 04:05:58 AM
Hopefully I'll have a new front page up this weekend and a new skin for the forum, it will look similar (I hope).  I'm also trying to get some additional music up, both from the era, as well as some Vietnam related material.  I have several submissions.  So if the site is down on Thursday & Friday night, that's why. Smiley  Suggestions now!  The new front page WILL not be as integrated as the current, that will come over time with some plug-ins but I need to update the main page so I can get things up and going. Smiley

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